Upcoming Appearances

09/24  11 am,   Sandwich Historical Society, Sandwich,  NH:  launch event for Live Free or Ride, New Hampshire Pulp Fiction Volume V!  edited by Elaine, and including works by local and national authors this anthology reading will feature readings by five different authors.


10/5, 6:30, Derry Public Library, Derry, NH:  The Legacy of Mary Shelley presentation. In honor of the month of Halloween, Elaine and other members of the New England chapter of Broad Universe will talk about Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, and her most famous work, Frankenstein


10/15, 11 am, Bethlehem Public Library, Delmar, NY, Mavens chapter of Sisters in Crime:  Elaine will present her popular talk, "Ten Mistakes I've Made in my Writing Career So That you Don't Have to."


10/27-10/30, World Fantasy Convention, Columbus, OH:  Elaine was pleased and honored to be part of the judging panel for the World Fantasy Awards, and will serve on panels or readings--check the schedule when you arrive