The Bastard Queen

The Bastard QueenBeloved bastard of an unloved king, Fiona will do anything to please her father, even studying magic though she never shows more than a spark of talent. But the plague that grips their city sends her to work with the dying, as enmity builds between the two peoples her father has brought together.

Struggling to find a cure for the plague, Fiona discovers that its emergence is no coincidence—and that her scorned suitor may be leading a conspiracy that will end in genocide. Even her father wears a false face, and every new tragedy reveals another secret set to shatter her life and her kingdom.

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The Eunuch's Heir


The Eunuch's HeirThe courage of Kattanan duRhys saved a kingdom and created a legend perhaps impossible to equal. Now his son, Wolfram duRhys, wild prince of the realm, spends his days wenching, carousing, and shunning the legacy of his revered father. But Wolframs revelries end when his carefree existence is shattered by an assassination attempt—and he discovers the lie hes been living... and the dark destiny that awaits.

Now the wayward son must flee to a distant land of magic and mystery—to enflame the love of a cloistered virgin, and the ire of a priestess who plans a bloody revenge. And suddenly the fate of an imperiled land rests with a reluctant prince who once lived for pleasure alon... and whose actions will either save his world or leave it smoldering in ruins.

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The Singer's Crown

EOS Books

The Singers Crown - Order Now Prince Kattanan duRhys was never in line to the throne—until his royal family was cruelly slaughtered by a usurping uncle who spared the life of his "favorite nephew" but left the boy mutilated and incapable of claiming his birthright.Nearly a decade on, Kattanan is a harmless wanderer—a coveted prize—serving many different masters. But now the singer's simple life is threatened by chaos and dark wizardry, by his impossible secret love for the betrothed Princess Melisande... and by an obligation of the blood that forces Kattanan to pursue vengeance and a crown he's not certain he wants.

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What the critics say about The Singer's Crown:

"This standalone epic fantasy portrays a richly detailed world filled with memorable characters." -- Library Journal

"the details are moving, and the prose is taut." -- Publishers Weekly

Tales of Bladesend

Novellas that follow the adventures of a couple of heroes who believed their battles were over...

Winning the Gallows Field

gallows-field-thumbnail.jpgIn spite of Trelayne's victories in battle, the road home is longer than the young knight ever imagined, and it must begin with rejecting his peasant companion, Derik, and denying the memory of the half-orc companion who gave his life for them. Forced to admit that the battle has changed him, Trelayne tries to be the champion for the peasantry, only to make things worse—Derik imprisoned, his betrothed rejecting him, his war-wounds throbbing. Honor provokes him to claim a duel with the swordmaster in the hopes of earning Derik's freedom, but the veterans find that winning a battle is not the same as winning a war—and not all demons wear an ugly face.

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Joenna's Ax

Joenna's AxAfter Joenna's half-orc son is killed in battle, she disguises herself as a man to join the army and avenge him, adding one notch to the handle of her ax for every demons she kills. But when she volunteers to lead a suicide charge of half-orc scouts, she risks her secret and her own mission to try to save them. Rewarded for her prowess with a grant of land and ownership of her half-orc man-at-arms, Joenna plots to rescue all of the half-orcs from the king's plan to destroy these reviled bastards—making herself a traitor along with them. When their haven is discovered, Joenna leads the half-orcs in a desparate fight against a famous warrior and his knights in the hopes of winning their freedom and claiming their humanity.

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Prime Codex

Paper Golem LLC

Prime Codex - Order Now This collection of speculative fiction includes Elaine's story, "The Disenchantment of Kivron Ox-master."

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Read Elaine's short story in the paperback, Prime Codex