Pseudonyms, series and secrets, oh, my!

For those of you who'd like to follow my work in whatever genre and mode, the following is a list of titles and sites where you can find out more about publications not made under my own name. None of these things is exactly a secret any more, and I appreciate those of you who knew in advance and helped me maintain my separate identities. Thanks for your interest!

Elaine Isaak also writes...

...dark Historical Fantasy as E. C. Ambrose

The Dark Apostle series started in 2013 from DAW books with Elisha Barber, described in a starred review by Library Journal as "Painfully elegant, beautifully told." Elaine chose to work under a pseudonym to distinguish this very dark and gritty realm from her more traditional fantasy work.

Many of you know that Elisha Barber was the book of my heart for years—and that it had a rocky road until it found an editor who saw its potential. I've been so happy with how this series came together at last.

I also blog about intersections between history and fantasy at

...romance and romantic suspense as Leah Brent

Leah is the newcomer here, though I've been planning for her for a long time. I always meant to keep separate names for my romances, and I was excited to finally publish them. My romances tend to be a bit outside the mainstream of the genre. I hope to continue with romantic suspense at least, and have also published a couple of short stories as Leah. If you like my approach to character and don't mind a little more love, then check them out!

Sea Change: a woman afraid of the ocean falls for a man dedicated to saving it—even if it changes her home town forever.

Sinner's Lips: murder is the leading cause of death for pregnant women in America—and Amanda's sister is about to become a statistic.

These books are currently available for Kindle and Nook!

. . .male/male romance as Perry Ambrose
Available here at Dreamspinner Press

This name may be a one-time publication. The novelette is called "A Wolf in the Fold," and I still feel it's one of my best works. I was pleased to place it with Dreamspinner press after hearing from some of their authors how happy they were.